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A One-Time Solution for Odor Removal

The odor removal services that we offer are guaranteed to solve your residential odor issues. Our patented Deodorizing System is not only highly effective, but it is extremely safe as well, making it the best solution for your home. Our team created an odor removal system that can resolve any odor, including strong odors from mold damage, cigarette smoke, cooking ingredients, and more.

Having years of experience in the odor removal industry, we created and patented our very own deodorizing system to prove that there are better ways to do the job. Our system will absorb the odor molecules in all areas of the property and neutralize them by completely oxidizing the odor, leaving behind ZERO odor. That’s why hundreds of families and neighbors trust PureOdor as their one-time solution.

In 24 hours, we GUARANTEE that your home is ODOR FREE.

Safety Comes First

Wondering why we claim to have the safest odor removal services in the Seattle and Snohomish area? The answer is simple; once the odor-producing molecules have been neutralized, only a harmless ‘salt’ is left behind. This ‘salt’ is the remnants of particles in the air that have been oxidized, which can easily be removed. Gone are the days when you buy harsh chemical sprays at your local big-box store or have an odor removal company with ancient techniques try to remove odors by blasting synthetic deodorizers into your home. Through our organic odor removal process, we guarantee that your odor issue will be gone forever, especially without leaving behind any toxic chemicals at all! Our odor removal services are the safest odor removal process around. 

Passing On The Savings To You!

Not only are we the safest, but we are the most cost-effective odor removal service near you. Since our system is easy, making the full odor removal service a breeze. Rather than trying to figure out your odor problem and throwing multiple solutions at it – we have one process, and it WORKS EVERY TIME! Because we are much more efficient, you will find that we are HALF THE PRICE of other odor removal companies and their outdated techniques.

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PureOdor is your go-to team for odor removal services in the Seattle and Snohomish area! We offer an array of services that will surely be able to tackle your odor issues. From cigarette odor removal to cooking odor removal, our specialty-designed equipment is able to deodorize whatever odors you’re stuck with. If you’re trying to remove odors in your home, then look for a solution no further. Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who have experience and expertise in eliminating problematic odors for our clients.

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Recent Customer Testimonials

Courteous, professional, efficient! Their team came in to remove the odors in our house left over from the previous owners smoking habit… :(. Everything went great! We would recommend them for anyone looking to get rid of odors in the Seattle area.
Kristin K.
Mukilteo, WA
We bought a home in Woodinville but the smell of dog was something that really bothered us. We were recommended to call PureOdor Systems to come out and do an inspection and they told us they would be able to eliminate the odor completely. We were a bit suspicious of that kind of guarantee but they offered a guarantee so we went forward with it. It worked!! The home has a very clean , sanitized smell to it now.
Branda A.
Woodinville, WA
We hired PureOdor Systems because we had a musty odor in our basement. We had tried using an ozone machine and other products but the odor kept coming back. I had to be out of my house for a day, but when I came home I was honestly shocked- the odor was completely gone. I guess it does work!
Rose C.
Snohomish, WA

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